The Philosophy

     The design of UOB PLAZA at Thamrin Nine reflects the guiding philosophy that every important function in life operates at the best level in a sympathetic environment that combines beauty, convenience and efficiency.  Work and surroundings should interface seamlessly and complement one another; the relationship between the two being optimized through design.

     This philosophy represents the latest thinking on striking the right balance between the psychological, social and business needs of high achievers, just as the design concept represents the leading edge in architectural thinking.

    Astute clientele will recognize the unique benefits provided by UOB PLAZA, and appreciate the depth of planning that went into the creation of a complete environment that offers unprecedented quality and convenience.

     The combination of high quality, central location and a comprehensive range of life enhancing amenities, makes UOB PLAZA more than Jakarta’s most prestigious business address; it provides a completely new definition of a working environment.
An important aspect of the philosophy that underlies the design is the recognition that elegant, stylish surroundings contribute both to efficiency and to creativity; in essence eschewing the traditional conflict between ‘form’ and ‘function’ and creating a beneficial harmony. As a result, UOB PLAZA is the most visually appealing business structure in Jakarta.

     UOB PLAZA has been created for those individuals who recognize that beauty and efficiency are complementary, that work and comfort should go hand in hand, and that there is no longer any reason to settle for anything less than the best.

     UOB PLAZA at Thamrin Nine sets the new standard of excellence.


The Concept

     UOB PLAZA at Thamrin Nine is unique, offering five-star office space situated high above, and in the heart, of Jakarta’s Golden triangle.

     The location alone makes it one of Jakarta’s most enviable business addresses. Its position overlooking the Hotel Indonesia traffic circle ensures it will be one of the most sought after addresses in the entire region.

     The modern office tower, complete with its distinctive lines will be an instantly recognizable part of Jakarta’s skyline … a landmark in the city… while the interior will match its eminence with the highest levels of comfort, luxury, and efficiency.

     Starting from its grand lobby UOB PLAZA comprises 40 floors of prime office space, all sub-dividable to suit the most discriminating and specialized needs, and serviced by high speed elevators.

     Complementing the office landmark office tower is the OUB Plaza Podium, a stunning architectural essay containing amenities and facilities to support and enhance the professional and private lives of the building’s tenants.

     The complex provides everything a modern corporation could wish for in an office environment, combined with all the amenities one could desire for day to day personal support; nothing has been overlooked, no detail left to chance, no compromises made. If it can be expected or desired, it has been incorporated into UOB PLAZA to create a truly unique work environment; located in the most desirable section of Indonesia’s capital city to provide the occupants with the very best that Jakarta has to offer.